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Chef Cosimo Commisso is a self-taught Canadian chef with a passion for cooking fine Italian meals made with heart. Cosimo Commisso’s first cookbook shares his southern Italian family’s delicious and easy-to-make recipes passed down through the generations.


The Art of Travel

Two of Cosimo Commisso’s greatest loves, travel and art, come together in an array of “design hotels” — and here, he shares his favourites

One thing I adore about how the hospitality industry is changing is that hotels are becoming more and more inventive with their identities. Hotels aren’t just a place to lay your head anymore — with the dawn of avant-garde hotel styles, they’ve become just as exciting for travelers as the destinations themselves.

I personally love the “design hotel” trend. Hotels all around the world have been crafted to be design-oriented, from a kitschy-type style to the sleeker, more contemporary side of the spectrum. Be sure to add these design hotels to your travel bucket list!

QT Sydney — Sydney, Australia


QT Sydney is like a modern cabinet of curiosities. Located inside the historic Gowings department store and the capitals heritage-listed State Theatre, the boutique hotel displays a collection of quirky treasures curated from across the globe. These artifacts come together in a beautiful collage that bans boredom and adds an unforgettable eclectic feel to the hotel. /

Rooms Hotel Tbilisi — Tbilisi, Georgia


This hotel is nestled in the intellectually charged neighbourhood of Vera, and it was ingeniously designed to reflect the culture that surrounds it. The building used to be a publishing house, so Rooms Hotel Tbilisi has incorporated a literary theme into its décor. It also regularly hosts art and music events, furthering its status as a cultural hub. /

The Qvest — Cologne, Germany


This renowned hotel basically doubles as an art gallery, with curated artworks present in every room. Each piece was discovered by Michael Kaune, the hotel’s owner and founder of Qvest Magazine, and pays perfect homage to the building’s neo-Gothic architecture. /

Insólito Boutique Hotel — Buzios, Brazil


Brazil is loved around the world for its culture of colour — and that essence is flawlessly portrayed at the Insólito Boutique Hotel in Buzios. Each themed suite offers a visual journey through the country’s fascinating stories using carefully selected art pieces and collectibles. /

Hotel Miró — Bilbao, Spain


Located steps away from the Guggenheim Museum, Hotel Miró lives up to its cultural surroundings. Having been designed by Antonio Miró (A.K.A. Spain’s Calvin Klein), the space creates an idyllic place to rest your head with its clean and minimalistic style. /

Hotel zum Löewen — Dunderstadt, Germany

This boutique hotel emanates utter cosiness, but the comfort level doesn’t overshadow its chicness. The local owner has added his own personal touches to the hotel, from original Andy Warhol pieces to souvenirs from world travels.

Happy travels!

With love,
Cosimo Commisso

Glamour Cities

This planet is a treasure trove of gems — gems being the unique and colourful cities found in every country. Keep adding sparkly jewels to your crown by traveling the world and marking some of these metropolises off your bucket list. From Sydney to Hong Kong, from New York City to Cape Town, it’s true what they say — the world truly is your oyster.

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Hiking and Swimming Exercise Ideas by Cosimo Commisso

Hiking and swimming are both international pastimes, enjoyed in most, if not all, areas of the world. Both activities are classic ways to get your exercise while having fun, enjoying the weather and savouring whatever stunning landscape surrounds you. And the best part? They’re both completely free! I hope this video encourages you to grab your hiking shoes or your swimming goggles and get out there.

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Get out and Breathe in The Fresh Air with Cosimo Commisso

It’s time to get out and breathe in the fresh air! As the seasons change, so do our opportunities to be active. When the it’s hot outside, activities like soccer and rollerblading rank supreme, while in winter, your skis or snowboard will hit the slopes. Whatever the weather, I hope this short, sweet video will inspire you to get active and enjoy Mother Nature.

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Canadian jewels: Toronto, Montreal and Niagara Falls

Mountains and Modern Architecture Aerials

Cosimo Commisso Share Short Video to Book Your Next Beach Vacation

Surf’s up! Catch a wave or lounge on some of the many beaches the world has to offer. Relaxation is key to a healthy lifestyle, and that task is not difficult when soaking up the sun and indulging in some serious TLC. Perhaps you’ll book your next vacation upon watching this short video!

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Cosimo Commisso’s Outdoor Activities

Watch the Cosimo Commisso‘s View of Planet Earth with his eyes.

Family Food and Friends

Food always tastes so much better when enjoyed in the company of people you cherish. Flavour and laughter come together in these precious moments, heightening the senses and embossing these memories in our minds forever. Filled with snapshots of loved ones savouring their favourite cuisine together, this inspiring clip is a reflection of the importance of this winning combination — the ultimate recipe for happiness, family, food and friends. 

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Watch Wonders of the World with Cosimo Commisso

It’s almost impossible to put into words the beauty of the Seven Wonders of the World. That’s why I’m presenting you with this video. This is just a glimpse at some of this planet’s greatest natural and man-made feats, which many of us have yet to visit. I hope this clip inspires you to add at least a few of them to your bucket list, and maybe create your own video interpretation of these wonders, which are visual poetry in their own right.

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Cosimo Commisso’s View of Music, Paint, Sculpture

Cosimo Commisso’s View Music, Paint, Sculpture

One thing I’ve learned while travelling is that art knows no bounds. Whatever an artist’s culture, skill, interests or experience, their work is an uncontainable medley of their world, both seen and unseen to everyone else. This is why I love art: even in the months where I’m not travelling, experiencing art transports me to places I’ve never been before — even places that exist nowhere but in the artist’s head and heart. This video is a reflection of my passion for art and creativity, which transcends the limitations society has put on us and speaks directly to the soul

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A Day In Niagara-On-The-Lake

There’s no place quite like Niagara-On-The-Lake. Not in Canada at least! This quaint little town transports visitors to the rustic and flower-strewn villages of the early 20th century, and its charmed culture is reminiscent of small European hamlets. When I want to get away but not too far, NOTL is my ideal local destination, whether for a romantic night out of the city or a personal retreat. Here is my guide to making the most out of 24 hours in NOTL.


The Prince of Wales Hotel: For a true NOTL experience, the Prince of Wales Hotel truly embodies the heart of the town. Its stunning antique exterior and opulent interior melt the heart and tantalize the eyes. It’s also a fantastic spot to stop by for High Tea.

Queen’s Landing: A Cosimo Commisso favourite! For a less antique-y, more mid-century feel, this luxury Georgian-style hotel is a dreamy place to rest your head after a long day gallivanting around town. Its fresh, plush vibe is matched by attentive service — it’s no wonder it’s won so many awards.

The Charles Inn: For a sophisticated experience, opt for the Charles Inn. The hotel is a fully restored, circa-1832 manor house, and while it’s been modernized it hasn’t lost its old-world charm. The exterior facade is irresistible, and is only matched by the gorgeous interior and impeccable service.

Niagara on the lake hotels stays


Treadwell: The rustic vibe at this restaurant is as delicious as its farm-to-table cuisine. The menu aims to offer an exploration of Niagara cuisine, and have an on-site sommelier that directs the restaurant’s charactered selection of local wines.

Cannery: Comfort food in an Instagram-worthy, rustic setting makes any meal at the Cannery an unforgettable one. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, this spot is a must-try.

The Irish Harp Pub: For a more casual dining experience that’s still impeccable, this spot offers up the classic pub experience. Not only is the food, beer and wine selection delicious, there’s always some form of entertainment going on to make your meal that much more fun.

Konzelmann Estate Winery: This gorgeous estate was the seventh winery to open in Ontario, and it certainly meets its stellar reputation. The vino produced here is as stunning as the history-steeped landscape on which it stands. This place is definitely “Cosimo Commisso-approved” — and you know how much I love my wine.

Niagara Vintage Wine Tours: If you want to get the full Niagara wine experience, I recommend scheduling a tour with Niagara Vintage Wine Tours — especially if you’ve never really had the chance to explore the region’s wine industry before. They offer a colourful variety of tours that will let you taste your way through a variety of local wineries, rather than investing an entire day at just one or two.

Dinner wine tours niagara on the lake


Shaw Festival Theatre: The Shaw Festival is one of our country’s most renowned theatrical festivals and a right of passage for any Canadian. If you’re going to experience one thing in Niagara-on-the-Lake during the spring/summer season, make sure it’s a mind-blowing play! (And maybe a glass of wine or two afterwards).

The Romance Collection Gallery: Even if you’ve somehow never heard of iconic Canadian artist Trisha Romance, you’ll love stopping by her studio. The Anne of Green Gables-esque little home is as charmed as her works of art.

The Niagara Pumphouse Arts Centre: This historic building now houses the cultural hub of Niagara-on-the-Lake. The non-profit organization hosts educational programs, exhibitions and special events to create and celebrate visual arts.

Niagara on the Lake Arts & Culture